Sunday, April 1, 2007

Women's Team

My Stick Girls have been on a roll. Carol, Susan and Sharon and Kristen got things started by warming up in an early-March crit in Richmond. Then, Laura, Sally(pictured), BJ, Carol and Sharon all got in there for Jeff Cup, the Charlottesville race that draws more women than any other VCA event all year. Sally, Laura and Carol got top-20 finishes.

has won all three 40+ events so far--Dismal Dash TT, Canal TT and Towne Bank Crit. Brenna won Dismal Dash TT (Cat 4) and Laura won Canal TT (Cat 1-3) and Carol won Towne Bank Crit (Cat 1-3). Top it off with a 3rd place finish (30-34 age group) by Sally in the highly competitive Virginia Duathlon and I'd say the women are off to an unbelievable year.


Kevin said...

HaHa! Is that an April Fools Joke?

Marco said...

Great job Ladies!